Erica Griswold

An Annapolis native, with a deeply rooted history and connection to the communities. Erica, who is best known for her unique voice and talents as a world-class Emcee, was born into a family entrenched in public service. She often reflects on the lived experience with her mother, Angela "Jelly" Langston, a Holistic Educator and Health Provider, and grandmother Rosalie "Ms. Sissy" Mitchell; a respected and staple community leader in her day, whom the Eastport Community Center is affectionately named in her honor. She learned from them firsthand the importance of knowing your rights and advocating for your community. 


Through Erica's experiences abroad from real estate refinancing, to serving over a decade as a medical professional, she is now currently a Community Resource Coordinator and holds a unique set of compassion and human service skills. She specializes in leading teams and improving programmatic outcomes. Her mission is to ensure the concerns of the community are being heard and their needs are being met with resources that are equitably distributed.

In addition, she devotes her time as a mentor to our teen girls, women, and families in the communities as she fiercely serves as a liaison supporting and advocating for them.

Erica is a mother of two and a lifelong Democrat who always believes that "If there is a WILL, There is a way!" 

She often reflects on her grandmother's words, "do the right things, for the right reasons" and with passion, she purposefully serves in this gospel.